After the Revolution, "Texians" (as they were called) were more reliant on the Rangers than ever. The "Ranging men" organized by Moses Morrison and Stephen F. Austin in 1823, served as needed through the War of Independence. However, the end of the war brought an empty Texas treasury and the Texian Army was disbanded by 1838. Texas Rangers were often the only force protecting the frontiers of the new republic. Ranger companies were called by various names: mounted volunteers, ounted gunmen, mounted riflemen, spies and minutemen. Although the names varied, these militia units were similar and performed the same function.  These militiamen furnished their own equipment and subsistence. Their  mission was to range the frontier, protecting settlers from Indian raids and lawlessness. Periods of service varied from a few days to several months, pay was poor and often consisted of promissory notes and next-to-worthless republic of Texas paper money.

Taken from the Texas Ranger website.

Our Cementry Association Gathering

Our Oak Island Memorial Celebration was an inspiration. Surely God has in the past and continues to bless our little church.

We had a wonderful service, flags were flown and presented.
The flags began with the single cross, and then went to the colonial stars and on down to the stars of present day. An enactment of soldiers from both sides gave honor in marching with flags of pride. Along with the reading of service persons who have served in our great country. I’m proud to be an American; where I can worship God without concern of oppression. Just knowing, that my ancestors did not have the liberty to worship; with freedom until they arrived in America. Only one religion was offered and possibly ordered to practice. Yes, they had to fight for that freedom and won.

After services all gathered in the community building and joined in the festivities of a great meal of your choice. The ambience as always was a blessing.

Thank you to all the men who worked so diligently in preparing the delicious sausage. Also, for all the women and members who
brought a smorgasbord of food. Absolutely! Wonderful!

I am so grateful for the circuit riders bringing a new religion to our Texas (and others). Thank God for all members and the ones who visit, worshiping with the love of God. Thank you to John Wesley DeVilbiss, for if not for him what religion would we practice.

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